Print Collection

General Collection

The general collection is the main bulk of the library’s print materials. They are shelved according to Library of Congress call number. These items typically have a four month (120 day) loan period. They can be requested and renewed online.


Reserves are course materials or core textbooks that are kept behind the staff desk. In order to maximize access for everyone, these have a two hour loan period and cannot be requested online. Please ask a staff member for an item in our reserves.

Reserves may be taken outside the library. They cannot be renewed online; however, staff may approve a renewal depending on the item’s demand. Overdue reserve items accumulate a $1.00/hour late fee.

Print reserves for the online BSVT program have a 28 day loan period.


Resources in our closed collection are primarily rare books that need careful handling or require a climate-controlled environment. These items cannot be checked out or requested online, but you can use them within the library. Please ask a staff member or email to arrange to see an item in our closed collection.


Journals are shelved alphabetically and can be checked out for 14 days. If a specific article is needed from a journal, you can request the article using FindIt@MU and we will scan a copy of the article for you.

Current Periodicals

Current periodicals are the newest issues of a journal. These are shelved alphabetically on the half-shelf by the circulation desk. Since they are not yet bound or catalogued, they cannot be checked out. They can be read within the library, and individual articles can be scanned and sent via email if requested by using FindIt@MU.

New Books

New books in our general collection are displayed on the half-shelf near the circulation desk. These can be checked out for the standard loan period of 120 days.


Oversize books are part of the general collection, but they are shelved in a specific section due to their size. Oversize books are located at the beginning of the general collection.


A small number of indexes and bulletins make up the reference collection. These items are located on the half-shelf behind current periodicals. They are only to be used within the library.


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